Smart Locks

Smart Locks is Changing The Industry

There are many companies competing to create the latest security technology in regards to smart locking technology. One of the leading companies in lock security, Kwikset has recently released the Kevo. The kevo is a modern deadbolt with a twist. It can be compared to a push to start car in that you can lock the lock remotely from your smart phone. If you want to unlock the door all you have to do is tap the lock and it will unlock if your phone is present. Along with new and exciting features the lock does allow you to insert a traditional key into the smartkey cylinder if you have guests or do not wish to use the “push to start” technology. One of my favorite features is in the smartphone app. It shows you exactly when the lock is being unlocked and who is unlocking it. You can send electronic keys to guests and professionals who need access to the house.

If there is no smartphone present the lock can still be unlocked with a fob that comes standard with every kevo purchase. This lock not only has wireless entry but also can sync with your homes nest learning thermostat. The nest will use the information of when people come and leave the house to determine the homes climate. For example, it can shut off when you leave and turn back on when you enter the house. It also works with the guest electric key to set default temperatures to their preference.

The company is very proud of the ekey (electronic Key) Smart Locks which is essentially as easy as sending a text message. Say goodbye to the old fashion cutting of keys. Of the many security features the e key gives you a few options. The first is if you issue a guest key and no longer want that key holder to have access you can easily delete or disable it. Secondly If you have a service person coming to the residence you can issue a 24hr key that automatically disables. This concludes the features that are included in the app.

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